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Ready-made designs of rural real estate for Russians — the best standard designs of cottages, mansions, villas, twin and row houses. European quality at affordable prices.

Cottage villages near Riga. Land plots for the construction of a family house in Bergi, Langstini, Marupe and Babite.

Architect-built in Europe

New catalogue of ready-made family house plans available on Standard designs of rural real estate: cottages, townhouses, mansions, family houses, residences.

Real estate in Latvia — houses, apartments and land plots for the construction of family housing. Land plots in prestigious regions of Latvia: Riga, Baltezers, Jurmala, Adaži, Bergi, Langstini and Marupe.

Mežares, Babītes nov.  
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Mežares, Babītes nov.
N Площадь Цена Цена за м²
2 1931 m² 32000 EUR 17.00 EUR/m²
3 1614 m² 32000 EUR 20.00 EUR/m²
4 1798 m² 34000 EUR 19.00 EUR/m²
5 1984 m² 27500 EUR 14.00 EUR/m²
7 1683 m² 24500 EUR 15.00 EUR/m²
11 1801 m² 24500 EUR 14.00 EUR/m²
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